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Response & Detail:
In most associations, homeowners live in close proximity to each other, therefore any system or equipment failure must be remedied immediately. A 24-hour paging service is provided in the event of a common area emergency.

In today's litigious climate, it is absolutely essential that all vendors and contractors have proper licenses and insurance in force. We require all documentation from such when employed on behalf of the association before performing any maintenance on association property. Further, any work done by such vendors on the property must be inspected prior to releasing payment.

Association Restrictions:
Occasionally, both resident owners and renters find themselves in violation of association rules. Silverado applies the violation enforcement policies, as defined by the Board of Directors, quickly, fairly and consistently as soon as a violation is observed and/or reported. In enforcing the rules, all legal aspects are scrupulously considered to avoid inadvertent legal confrontations.

Financial Controls:
Silverado's financial controls and reporting are sensitive to budget parameters, and the Board is apprised of it's financial status on a regular basis. Each monthly report is prepared no later than the fifteenth of the following month.

Replacement Reserve:
These are planned, supervised and reviewed monthly for the Board.

Administrative Services Include:

  Attendance at monthly/quarterly meetings
  Conduct annual election and membership meetings
  Coordinate the activities of various committees
  Prepare monthly Board of Directors reports
  Supervise association contractors
  Prepare bid specifications and obtain proposals for work from contractors
  Analyze proposals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for selection of contractors
  Recommend policies for collections, rules enforcement and architectural guidelines
  Prepare violation letters and hearing notices, maintaining a history on each
  Attendance and coordination of homeowner hearings
  Maintain corporate minute books
  Maintain corporate records
  Conduct regular property inspections
  Prioritize and complete action items and initiate corrective work with contractors
  Ensure association is adequately insured, in compliance with the governing documents and with recommendations from insurance professionals
  Establish operations and maintenance calendars
  Preparation of newsletters as required by Board of Directors
  Response letters to correspondence received
  Provide information regarding legal issues and new legislation
  Maintain homeowner address/information lists
  Record changes of title to new owners
  Process escrow requests, providing documentation to existing owners to protect the association from non-disclosure
  Distribute governing documents and welcome letters to new owners
  24 hour emergency response service

Financial Services Include:

  Review association monthly financial statements and approve association invoices
  Payment of invoices twice monthly to ensure best credit rating and maximum discount
  Billing and collection of assessments
  Preparation of monthly delinquency reports
  Maintenance and reconciliation of bank accounts
  Provide financial investment recommendations for Board of Directors review
  Review expenditures to assist the Board of Directors in operating within budget
  Assist in annual budget preparation
  Solicit bids for annual audits
  Preparation of reserve study update with Board member input

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